Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Funkdoobiest - Rock On [Funk Flow Remix]

2008 Funkdoobiest - Rock On [Funk Flow Remix]

Fantastic remix of their song "Rock On'', very rare shit, one song here, check it out NOW, remix came from Serbia...dope shit here and i will put one more DOPE Remix of one Xzibit's track, and than this blog is OFF -> DESERTED, i have no time to put no more music, here is few good albums on this blog, if the links dont work let me know i will repare them, but i cant upload no more dope shit because there is SO MANY GREAT albums i have about 1500 favorite one's and i DONT HAVE time to put them and repare them when the link become broken,,,hard job, sorry boys and girls thats it


Anonymous said...

do jaja brate srbine!!!

Alliance Recording Studio said...

Great Studio!

Anonymous said...

Nice Remixes, and also as alliance said this is good studio. Get More Details

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djsven said...

Thanks!I know one pack with loops like in this song-